Tibula Information Security Business Continuity Policy


Your information is safe with Tibula! No need to worry about external threats anymore. We secure your information with our privacy policy.

Tibula is committed to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and all physical and electronic information assets throughout the organization to maintain the competitive edge, profitability, readiness, legal compliance and commercial image of the organization.

It has adopted and implemented the principles specified in the ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard to protect the information, which is our most valuable asset, on time, accurately and in the most appropriate way. To protect the existence of the institution, its service continuity and its reputation in the sector, it applies the following issues:

  • Confidentiality, integrity and accessibility requirements of the company’s information assets are determined by considering legal conditions, contracts, corporate strategies, needs and expectations of interested parties, and protection is provided in accordance with these requirements,
  • Information assets are used in accordance with management strategies and objectives,
  • Protection of corporate and customer information by making confidentiality agreements with employees, business partners, customers and third parties,
  • Internal and external risks that threaten information security are systematically determined, measured, evaluated and managed and minimized,
  • It is ensured that all relevant internal and external parties are aware of information security,
  • Security violations are recorded, reviewed and measures are taken to prevent their recurrence,
  • Depending on the risk assessment, physical and technical security policies and rules are determined and implemented,
  • It is ensured that information security policies are reviewed and updated in line with changes in legislation, technology or related parties,
  • Access to critical information is secured by carrying out plans and exercises that will ensure business continuity in extraordinary situations,
  • Information Security Management System requirements are effectively implemented in all processes and are constantly improved by reviewing.

Your information
is safe with Tibula!
No need to worry
about external threats

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