Tibula Consulting Services - Tibula Bilgi Yönetimi Danışmanlık Hizmetleri


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Tibula Consulting Services - Tibula Bilgi Yönetimi Danışmanlık Hizmetleri

Business and Process Development Consultancy

After analyzing the current processes of human resources departments and analyzing the needs of our clients, we offer specific solutions for their needs. We center human at the basis of all our services and we provide service in this context.

  • Recruitment Process Development
  • Training Needs Analysis and Planning
  • Developing Employee Relations and Employee Engagement
  • Psychological Counseling Based on Employee Satisfaction
  • Performance Management Process Development
  • Customer Experience Improvement
  • Business Development and Change Management
  • Cost Reduction

Technology Consulting

Institutions those care about institutionalization and development need additional resources to adapt to the development of technology. At this point, as an additional resource, we provide our customers fast and high quality services, with our expert staff and up-to-date candidate pool, we created via Tibula Human Resources, during all processes of information, finance and management. Our consultants are selected on a project-specific basis in accordance with the needs of our clients and the institutional culture. We provide cost advantage to our customers together with flexibility, efficiency and risk sharing.

We carry out particular solutions according to the needs of our customers with our consultant teams we have created in the fields of Analysis, Software, Test Services, Budget Consultancy, Financial Consultancy, Mainframe Software and System Consultancy, Human Resources Process Consultancy and Project Management Consultancy.

Tibula Consulting Services - Tibula Bilgi Yönetimi Danışmanlık Hizmetleri
Tibula Consulting Services - Tibula Bilgi Yönetimi Danışmanlık Hizmetleri

Project Management

An important point that carries institutions to success is; project management is carried out with the right resources. As Tibula, we offer project management consulting to our clients with our extensive consultant pool, within the scope of PMI standards and with our customer’s own project management standards. The standard processes of our project management consultancy service:

  • Management, coordination and planning of the projects,
  • Follow-up of the projects, and periodically reporting to management,
  • Proposals for changes about the duration and the scope of the projects,
  • Coordination and management of work quality and reports in line with the project schedule,
  • Prevention and management of risks and problems,
  • Managing communication with project stakeholders,
  • The preparation and presentation of the project progress report to management every month,
  • Reporting and managing problems arising during project progress.
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