Tibuline TEST


Tibuline TEST is a software product we developed to measure and evaluate technical competencies in IT recruitment. It provides traceability at all stages of IT recruitment. In other words Tibuline TEST enables the digitization of coordination between HR and IT departments. In addition, companies can apply collective exams with Tibuline TEST in their internal evaluations to analyze their training needs and plan their training in line with the identified technical development needs. We developed our Tibuline TEST Software in R&D in 2021 and launched it in 2022.

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Tibuline OMS


Tibuline OMS is a software product developed for the management of IT Outsourcing Services. Therefore the entire documentation process of the service can be managed with this software. We develop Tibuline OMS within the scope of R&D. As Tibula, we manage our IT Outsourcing Services on this platform and provide our customers with the traceability of the entire process through Tibuline OMS.

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